Netherlands Couple Session in Amersfoort | Gatsby Inspired | Marleen & Sharon

Netherlands is by far one of my favorite places! I always wanted to do a shoot there and it finally happened this past January thanks to Sharon and Marleen!

It was so incredibly fun working with people who were just as excited about doing something different and creative. I love anything classic, fashion, vintage so we just went along with the idea of using gatsby as our inspiration. A big shout out to Maaike she did some amazing makeup and hair incredibly fast! Sebastiaan, thank you so much for helping me with lights and making some awesome headpieces in a matter of minutes. I wish I could have you both at every shoot! For location, I wasn’t sure what to do exactly since the weather was really terrible. Sharon and Marleen had just bought a house, so they suggested why not do the shoot their while it’s empty which turned out to be perfect! Side note: the house was built in 1908, its fascinating to me that it has survived two world wars and has so much history…

A little bit about Sharon and Marleen, they are getting hitched this coming August (yay!) and we decided to do something different than a traditional engagement session. Hope you all enjoy these photos as much as we enjoyed making them! I had Marleen and Sharon write a little snippet about their love for each other, check it out as you scroll below!

Makeup and hair by : Maaike Buurman of MakeupGrade

Headpieces and Faux Fur by Sebastiaan Gijtenbeek

Navy Dress by Mascara and Grey Dress from Frock and Frill

SHARON on her love for Marleen: In 2010 I spoke to my grandmother for the first time. She was so excited knowing she had another grandchild and just like me hoped we’d meet soon after 28 years not knowing about each other’s existence . Before I eventually met her, in 2012, we’d spoken on the phone several times and she was telling me stories about her love for my grandfather. Since his death she said she was ready to see him again. She lived her life but her heart was always with him and she was waiting to be back with him. I never met him but thru her I could feel what a man he might have been. And I could feel her love and loyallty towards him. In 2011 I met Marleen and then I finally understood the level of lov e& loyalty my grandmother had felt

MARLEEN on her love for Sharon: The first time I laid my eyes on Sharon I had a vision of her as an old sophisticated lady with grey curley hair and those beautiful bright sparkling eyes! From that moment on I knew she was the one. And I’m looking forward to grow old together and live a happy and balanced life in which I’ll enjoy her humor and her wisdom



The house was being sprayed while we were doing our shoot lol! Had to throw this in there looked too funny, girls in dresses on one side and this guy on the other.